German multidisciplinary designer having recently graduated with a Master from Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art. I am also holding a German „Diplom-Designer“ degree that is comparable with a master degree in industrial design. My primary area of interest is in generating and exploring alternative perception and ways of thinking - through narratives and methodologies.



is a term I invented for existing mental difference that can inspire new ways of thinking about the world. In my written work ‘FAR’ I treated FARs as art works and analysed them as such. This method enhances the reader’s perception, leading them treat reality in a different – speculative way.


In these I use FARs - or aspects of mental conditions - as inspiration for different ways of thinking that lead to alternative ways of living. Looking at the world in another way, how would reality be organised? I am curious how looking at a society that is ruled by uncommon thinking might help us rethink mainstream society.


I created a group, the Alternative Alternativists that live and test this idea. Their method is recorded in the Alternative Alternativists’ manifesto and their guidelines on how to create a Different Minded World.


A series of films show life in the Rethinketry. This is a building that is divided into several areas where people experience alternative ways of thinking. They are trained to adopt new mindsets by living everyday life in new ways - thus gaining new awareness and learning to question our common way of thinking and resulting way of living. Guests can test for themselves if it’s something they want to include back in their own lives, or if they would like to take it further and join communities of Different Minded Worlds where they explore these ways of living within larger societies.